[RFI] Solar Panel RFI Video

Michael Aust ava622 at verizon.net
Tue Aug 14 02:30:18 EDT 2018

A Suggestion 

Well Guys, I had RFI from a grow MJ Operation the took over a 
15 months to end with Law Enforcement This RFI was S9 +20dB over 9 

Instead of giving up on the Hobby, try the Remote SDR receivers 
( You can transmit and work DX )

Had I known about this, it would have alleviated some Pain from
not operating while I was fighting the issue !!!! 

Check out the 
Arizona SDR http://http://w7rna.dyndns-remote.com:18901  
Northern Utah WebSDR - Server #1 http://websdr1.utahsdr.org:8901


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Mike (NS6Q),

I well understand your frustration with your RFI issues...  I am many 
months out in not being able to use HF at all due to RFI.  I am 
frustrated beyond belief.  Why?  My hobby of 50 years is now at an end 
until the FCC corrects the issue, I may not get Honor Roll as a result 
of this, I am 65, my time is running short.  The next sunspot peak may 
be my last...  You bet I am pissed, but I am also careful, and 
thoughtful, and I want a solution that sticks, and more importantly is 
good for the Amateur Community as a whole.

All of that said, I still believe we all need to take the slow careful, 
thoughtful, non contentious, (maybe a little contentious), path...

If we are not careful, we very easily could create an environment in 
which it takes a court order to get ANY assistance from ANY vendor for 
any RFI issues, by simply uttering the words "Class Action".

Imagine if you were a vendor and you were working with the Amateur 
Community and suddenly you get wind of a Class Action law suit.  Or you 
hear that a class action law suit is being discussed, and being 
suggested on a mail list.

What would you as a vendor do?  Why you would most likely instantly get 
your lawyers involved, if for no other reason than out of fear for the 
impending Class Action suit.

Once the lawyers are involved every single word a vendor utters, every 
single deed a vendor performs, every single piece of paper a vendor 
publishes would need vetting by those lawyers.

You would end up signing paperwork indicating that the RFI problem was 
fixed, only to find later that you missed that spur on your favorite 6 
meter DX frequency, and you find you have no recourse because you signed 
that paper in order to get the free work done to suppress the RFI you 
complained about.  You get the picture...

You think it takes too long now, just wait until the vendors get jumpy 
and thinking they need lawyers to even speak to us.  That is not good 
for the Amateur Community, not good at all!

The reality of this is we are lucky the FCC helps us at all.  As I said 
upthread, I am told that the VE land version of the FCC does not do a 
thing for RFI, nothing, no enforcement of any kind when it comes to 
Amateur reported RFI.  Period.  Nothing...  Think about that-- you alone 
vs. whoever with zero help, and zero leverage.

We are the little guy here, we have no big stick, we have nothing to 
force our hand, the only ace we have is the ARRL, and they are not that 
big compared to the lobbying entities for say broadcast, cell, and Solar.

So the only outcome of "Class Action" talk for Amateur Community will be 
to muck up the entire process for every Amateur Operator out there, 
ending any ongoing efforts to quench ongoing RFI issues, making 
discussions not possible without the thought of legal action in the back 
of the vendors mind.  This is not the environment I want to live in RFI 

We need to work with the vendors, not threaten them!  If we don't we 
will loose, and we will lose big!

Some of us are going to get hammered in this process, I am one of those 
getting hammered and it seems you are as well.  I am still willing to 
take the slow course in this until it is fixed, I hope you will 
reconsider your position.

73s and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z/NNR0DC)
ARRL Technical Specialist
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