[RFI] Solar Panel RFI Video

Michael Aust ava622 at verizon.net
Tue Aug 14 09:24:59 EDT 2018

Glad to help
73 Mike

 Check out the
> Arizona SDR  http://w7rna.dyndns-remote.com:18901
> Northern Utah WebSDR - Server #1  http://websdr1.utahsdr.org:8901

Michael Aust
ava622 at verizon.net

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the path to operations...

73s and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z/NNR0DC)
ARRL Technical Specialist

On 08/13/2018 11:30 PM, Michael Aust wrote:
> A Suggestion
> Well Guys, I had RFI from a grow MJ Operation the took over a
> 15 months to end with Law Enforcement This RFI was S9 +20dB over 9
> RFI.
> Instead of giving up on the Hobby, try the Remote SDR receivers
> ( You can transmit and work DX )
> Had I known about this, it would have alleviated some Pain from
> not operating while I was fighting the issue !!!!
> Check out the
> *KFS WebSDR***
> Arizona SDR http://http://w7rna.dyndns-remote.com:18901
> Northern Utah WebSDR - Server #1 http://websdr1.utahsdr.org:8901
> Mike
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> Mike (NS6Q),
> I well understand your frustration with your RFI issues... I am many
> months out in not being able to use HF at all due to RFI. I am
> frustrated beyond belief. Why? My hobby of 50 years is now at an end
> until the FCC corrects the issue, I may not get Honor Roll as a result
> of this, I am 65, my time is running short. The next sunspot peak may
> be my last... You bet I am pissed, but I am also careful, and
> thoughtful, and I want a solution that sticks, and more importantly is
> good for the Amateur Community as a whole.
> All of that said, I still believe we all need to take the slow careful,
> thoughtful, non contentious, (maybe a little contentious), path...
> If we are not careful, we very easily could create an environment in
> which it takes a court order to get ANY assistance from ANY vendor for
> any RFI issues, by simply uttering the words "Class Action".
> Imagine if you were a vendor and you were working with the Amateur
> Community and suddenly you get wind of a Class Action law suit. Or you
> hear that a class action law suit is being discussed, and being
> suggested on a mail list.
> What would you as a vendor do? Why you would most likely instantly get
> your lawyers involved, if for no other reason than out of fear for the
> impending Class Action suit.
> Once the lawyers are involved every single word a vendor utters, every
> single deed a vendor performs, every single piece of paper a vendor
> publishes would need vetting by those lawyers.
> You would end up signing paperwork indicating that the RFI problem was
> fixed, only to find later that you missed that spur on your favorite 6
> meter DX frequency, and you find you have no recourse because you signed
> that paper in order to get the free work done to suppress the RFI you
> complained about. You get the picture...
> You think it takes too long now, just wait until the vendors get jumpy
> and thinking they need lawyers to even speak to us. That is not good
> for the Amateur Community, not good at all!
> The reality of this is we are lucky the FCC helps us at all. As I said
> upthread, I am told that the VE land version of the FCC does not do a
> thing for RFI, nothing, no enforcement of any kind when it comes to
> Amateur reported RFI. Period. Nothing... Think about that-- you alone
> vs. whoever with zero help, and zero leverage.
> We are the little guy here, we have no big stick, we have nothing to
> force our hand, the only ace we have is the ARRL, and they are not that
> big compared to the lobbying entities for say broadcast, cell, and Solar.
> So the only outcome of "Class Action" talk for Amateur Community will be
> to muck up the entire process for every Amateur Operator out there,
> ending any ongoing efforts to quench ongoing RFI issues, making
> discussions not possible without the thought of legal action in the back
> of the vendors mind. This is not the environment I want to live in RFI
> wise.
> We need to work with the vendors, not threaten them! If we don't we
> will loose, and we will lose big!
> Some of us are going to get hammered in this process, I am one of those
> getting hammered and it seems you are as well. I am still willing to
> take the slow course in this until it is fixed, I hope you will
> reconsider your position.
> 73s and thanks,
> Dave (NK7Z/NNR0DC)
> https://www.nk7z.net
> ARRL Technical Specialist
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