[RFI] FCC RFI Question

Tony dxdx at optonline.net
Tue Aug 14 21:20:00 EDT 2018


I was wondering how the FCC measures the level of RFI emanating from a 
distant device to determine whether it's above or below FCC limitations?

The reason I ask is that the RFI emanating from the device might meet a 
certain criteria when measured some number of feet from the unit, but 
the bottom line for the ham is whether the noise is still heard on his 
or her receiver.

That brings up the question of whether or not the FCC deems a certain 
level of RFI as "acceptiable"? My neighbors solar panels generate RFI 
ranging from S-5 to S-9 throughout the day and even at lower levels, the 
noise makes S-9 signals difficult to copy.

This video demonstrates how intrusive it can be at S-5 levels: 

Tony -K2MO

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