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One group of hams started to post RF-noisy locations on a Google map.  Growers in that area did not want to appear on the map.  For the crop usually grown, there is a 16-hour on/8-hour off lighting cycle until about 2 weeks before harvest, where the cycle is changed to 12 hours on and off. So, not only can people guess what is in the "farm," they know when it is ready for harvest.  Growers don't usually want other people to know that they have a valuable crop growing in their houses, so many of them are interested in filters.

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Everyone doesn't get the same results and everyone doesn't use the same attitude and aproach.

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On Aug 15, 2018, 8:00 AM, at 8:00 AM, "Dave Cole (NK7Z)" <dave at nk7z.net> wrote:
>That has not been my observation.  The FCC has responded, and corrected
>at least one issue over the past few years, and are currently working 
>to correct an existing issue today!  All without telling me to work it 
>with the neighbor.  Which by the way is the best way if you can do 
>Several years ago I had a very bad RFI issue and the neighbor was not 
>willing to correct it, as he had sheet rocked a wall wart into a wall.
>The FCC letter got prompt action, and the issue was corrected.
>I am having a RFI event now, and worked that event through the ARRL to 
>get get it submitted to the FCC.  The operator of the device has not 
>taken the offer of free filters, nor solved the RFI as of yet, so the 
>FCC was added to the mix.
>It is my understanding the FCC has sent the first letter, and are 
>getting ready, or have already sent the second letter.  I am in direct 
>contact with Laura Smith, and she has indicated that if the RFI 
>continues the FCC will continue along corrective lines.  I am happy 
>with this response, and will wait for things to take their course.
>Again, slow, steady, and making sure you cross every "t", and dot every
>"i" seems to work for me.  So far...
>Solving RFI just takes lots of time...
>Over the past 7 years I have had 4 or 5 horticultural lighting issues, 
>and in all cases but the current one, I was able to work the issue out 
>between myself and the owner of the RFI generating device.  In each 
>case it took months to solve.  Most of that time is in documentation.  
>Once the owner was contacted the issue ended, or I gave them filters, 
>and it
>ended.  All with no FCC assistance.  But when I needed it, the FCC 
>assistance has been there!  Hopefully the FCC will follow up if the RFI
>73s and thanks,
>Dave (NK7Z/NNR0DC)
>ARRL Technical Specialist
>On 08/15/2018 12:14 AM, Dale Johnson wrote:
>> If you make a complaint to the FCC they will tell you to work with
>your neighbor to resolve the problem.  In other words you are on your 
>> With the unfettered RFI, radio will die a slow death as the RFI
>becomes worse, that is unless you live far away from neighbors.
>> Dale, k9vuj
>> On 14, Aug 2018, at 20:20, Tony <dxdx at optonline.net> wrote:
>> All:
>> I was wondering how the FCC measures the level of RFI emanating from
>a distant device to determine whether it's above or below FCC 
>> The reason I ask is that the RFI emanating from the device might meet
>a certain criteria when measured some number of feet from the unit, but 
>the bottom line for the ham is whether the noise is still heard on his 
>or her receiver.
>> That brings up the question of whether or not the FCC deems a certain
>level of RFI as "acceptiable"? My neighbors solar panels generate RFI 
>ranging from S-5 to S-9 throughout the day and even at lower levels, 
>the noise makes S-9 signals difficult to copy.
>> This video demonstrates how intrusive it can be at S-5 levels:
>> Tony -K2MO
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