[RFI] FCC RFI Question

Randy Standke r55stan at gmail.com
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If the grower is interested in filters, are there part or model numbers that have worked well?  Or, maybe a RFI free brand of lights (but that is probably a much more expensive solution).  If the grower asks "what can I do to fix the problem," it would be useful to have a solution ready.


Randy, KQ6RS

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One group of hams started to post RF-noisy locations on a Google map.  Growers in that area did not want to appear on the map.  For the crop usually grown, there is a 16-hour on/8-hour off lighting cycle until about 2 weeks before harvest, where the cycle is changed to 12 hours on and off. So, not only can people guess what is in the "farm," they know when it is ready for harvest.  Growers don't usually want other people to know that they have a valuable crop growing in their houses, so many of them are interested in filters.

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