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Giving up is the easy way out.
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      From: Dave Cole (NK7Z) <dave at nk7z.net>
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 Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2018 1:30 PM
 Subject: Re: [RFI] FCC RFI Question
I have been considering more and more, remoting my entire station.

73s and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z/NNR0DC)
ARRL Technical Specialist

On 08/18/2018 11:08 AM, W0MU Mike Fatchett wrote:
> This is why Remote Ham Radio is and will continue to be a huge thing.  I 
> understand those that wish to chase awards all from a single location 
> etc.  Hopefully there is more to the hobby than Honor Roll.
> Nobody knows when their day is coming, these issues are just as 
> important to the young or old.
> We in the west are constantly told by those on the East Coast to move if 
> we wanted to be treated fairly in contests.  Moving is probably not an 
> option for most, but if a move is in the works it becomes even more 
> important to put high noise cities in directions not toward EU or what 
> you are really wanting to work.    I know a number of hams that want a 
> place near Denver but they will only look for places where Denver 
> metropolis is not in a good path EU, JA, etc.
> Peoples conveniences are probably going to win out over our little hobby 
> as the light rail noise generators are now about 2 miles from my house 
> and will extend closer and closer and there is nothing I will be able to 
> do to fight it.
> W0MU
> On 8/18/2018 10:17 AM, Dave Cole (NK7Z) wrote:
>> Rob,
>> If only I were a young man again, then I would not be as patient as I 
>> am today...  Please take the next few paragraphs in the vain they are 
>> given.  Respectfully.
>> Let me re-quote something I said in this very thread:
>> ==========CUT==========
>> I well understand your frustration with your RFI issues...  I am many 
>> months out in not being able to use HF at all due to RFI.  I am 
>> frustrated beyond belief.  Why?  My hobby of 50 years is now at an end 
>> until the FCC corrects the issue, I may not get Honor Roll as a result 
>> of this, I am 65, my time is running short.  The next sunspot peak may 
>> be my last...  You bet I am pissed, but I am also careful, and 
>> thoughtful, and I want a solution that sticks, and more importantly is 
>> good for the Amateur Community as a whole.
>> ==========CUT==========
>> My goal is to correct the problem in the shortest possible time, using 
>> all legal means possible.  We have no choice in this, unless we break 
>> the law.
>> Here are some of our choices:
>> 1.  Take the slow, and what I feel is a more effective course.
>> 2.  Scream and yell, and hope you get results.
>> 3.  Do something stupid and end up in jail, or worse.
>> 4.  Quit ham radio.
>> 5.  Work around the RFI until you can get it corrected.
>> Items 2, 3, and 4 are not acceptable to me, and should not be to you 
>> either.  Items 1 ,and 4 are acceptable.
>> We simply have no choice in this if we are to remain law abiding, and 
>> I intend to do just that, remain law abiding...
>> Carping, yelling, screaming, kicking the floor, and foot stomping, 
>> just make things worse for everyone.  On top of that, those steps are 
>> simply not an effective use of our time to correct this problem.  I 
>> want to use my remaining years as effectively as possible, and that 
>> means working within the existing system in a way that is effective. 
>> Using ineffective methods just wastes my remaining years.
>> The world has changed, if we can't adopt--  well there was once a 
>> species of lizards called dinosaurs, we all know how that ended...
>> Remember in VE land their version of the FCC just stopped enforcement 
>> completely...  Your ONLY recourse there is via the court system... You 
>> it takes time now in the US...
>> Running around and throwing rocks might work once, but more than 
>> likely it will make it worse for you, and for others.  Take the time 
>> to think things through, do it right and you sometimes get rewarded.
>> I have had seven grow light RFI issues in the past 5 years.  All of 
>> them but my current issue have been quickly solved, without the FCC, 
>> or the ARRL even being involved.  How?  Documentation, a friendly 
>> approach, and avoiding conflict where possible.
>> I dislike RFI as much as you, possibly more, I am ticked as hell at 
>> having to play all of these games!  I just want to play radio on 40 
>> meters in the early mornings.  I can't, and it pisses me off every 
>> morning I get up and can't.  I have a legal right to do this, and not 
>> have to put up with RFI at these levels, but...  In the real world, 
>> enforcement is not always equal, and it is not what it used to be.
>> I will correct this.  If I have to write my Congressman to get action, 
>> I will correct this.
>> If it comes to that, and I hope it does not, I want to insure I have 
>> done EVERYTHING correctly, and legally.  The goal is to win the war, 
>> not just one battle.  I want 40 meters back, and I will get it 
>> back...  But, as I said, sometimes solving RFI just takes time.
>> It is not fair, but the world is not fair...  I wish it were... So 
>> yes, I do understand your position, I am in that same position...
>> Remember, the FCC is really on our side, and they are just as 
>> hamstrung as we are with legal issues.  There is no magic wand for 
>> this...
>> Take care, and I hope your RFI gets solved sooner than later...
>> 73s and thanks,
>> Dave (NK7Z/NNR0DC)
>> https://www.nk7z.net
>> ARRL Technical Specialist
>> On 08/17/2018 06:09 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
>>>> I am happy with this response, and will wait for things to take 
>>>> their course.
>>>> Again, slow, steady, and making sure you cross every "t", and dot 
>>>> every "i" seems to work for me. So far...
>>>> Solving RFI just takes lots of time...
>>> That's FB for a young ham with his whole life ahead of him.  But for
>>> the rest of us getting up there in years, we see the time of our
>>> precious few remaining good ham years slipping away while we wait for
>>> something to happen and listen to noise in the mean time. Pretty
>>> tough to be patient when you can't be certain if you'll be around for
>>> a year or another 10 and one of the few joys of your life is gone
>>> because some jerk with a solar panel or grow light or something else.
>>> I guess this helps explain why HF is so empty now.  An old man just
>>> don't have the energy and fight for this kind of battle.
>>> 73
>>> Rob
>>> K5UJ
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