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When we finally ordered our new Jeep Rubicon JL, I took my portable
spectrum analyzer to frisk a similar vehicle on the lot.    I had had
previous experience with some VERY SERIOUS emissions from the early touch
screens which are now a part of the basic vehicle.  My original
measurements were for a friend.  I wrote a detailed report on my findings
which my friend drove all the way up to the top of Jeep management.  It
evidently got some traction as the vehicle I frisked and the one we finally
took delivery of are clean as a whistle.  Sure, there are a few emissions,
but nothing of consequence.  The original evaluation on my friends vehicle
which precipitated the report of radiated RF eneregy was so bad that the
touch screen and PC behind it jammed cell phones in the driver seat such
that no calls or reception could be had.  In addition, the RF levels in the
driver seat was were above FCC 'safe' levels (if you believe in that).
Ialso documented the electronics jamming themselves with certain requested
operations off the touch screen. Personally, I was surprised to measure how
clean the new vehicles are, including ours.

Wish I could report the same for our new home appliances in a new 2014

Dave - WØLEV

On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 5:52 PM Riki, K7NJ <k7nj at awinets.com> wrote:

> Thanks everybody for the helpful information.  I'm seriously considering
> buying a 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid (either XE or XLE). The 2019 model would
> be a possibility too. Details about any experience with RFI in these
> vehicles would be greatly appreciated.
> 73,
> Riki, K7NJ
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