[RFI] First Alert Wireless Smoke/CO Detectors

krgoodwin at comcast.net krgoodwin at comcast.net
Thu Dec 6 09:33:13 EST 2018

"If they run on batteries with NO wires connecting them to anything, there's
a chance that they're OK." (wrt RFI)

That is not allowed (at least in Texas) and is counter to a reasonably
implemented reliable protection system.  The security system "laws" require
that the detectors be connected to the security panel's backup power (if
installed by a licensed firm, dual redundant power sources).  But Jim is
correct on their susceptibility to RFI since I had to incorporate measures
to keep my RF from tripping the smoke and heat detectors in the security
system.  The amount of wire in a typical system makes for a great antenna or
wireless (power) charger since once I had a nearby lightning strike and all
the door and window reed relay contacts got welded together.  Ken K5RG

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