[RFI] Christmas Light Display

KEN CARUSO wo1n at comcast.net
Sun Dec 9 12:29:33 EST 2018

Hey Jeff,

Sounds like it could take a lot of ferrite to clean that up.

Right before Halloween, 80 Meters at my QTH was being wiped out by a repetitive, patterned interference source.

It didn't take long to notice it matched up with an active light (LED?) display of a 20' tall Ghost decoration a neighbor two streets over had running. Bit my tongue hoping they would pull it down shortly after Halloween (they are known for leaving their Christmas displays set up and running for 3 months after Christmas). Luckily they did (so they could set up their Christmas lights {see previous statement}).

This time of year I put up with a lot of new sources...usually they all go away before the CQ 160...

Ken - WO1N

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