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Re: Locating this 80m band RFI source.

See the work done by N1BCG and his use of the KiwiSDR TDoA (time difference of arrival) DF technique to try and identify the location of this signal here:


and here:


Note this technique makes use of a number of receive sites to arrive at a 'solution'.

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      From: Tom Lizak <k1tl at cox.net>
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 Subject: [RFI] OTHR ?
Hey guys,


This probably is not the place for this but for the past three days, there
has been some kind of OTHR/pulse on the 75m band.  Seems to be pretty loud
at times and must shift around the band as it will disappear but only to
reappear.  I heard it 09Dec almost all morning up to around 17Z...then later
in the afternoon reappeared !


It came back again  this AM and seemed to have been peaking around 3.900MHz
or so.  The ME stations were hearing it also along with many others in the
New England area.  Seems to be narrowing in the 75m sector of the band.


Does anyone have any idea what it is and where it may be coming from ?




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