Randall K Martin rkmassoc at comcast.net
Fri Jan 12 15:24:09 EST 2018

I have recently noticed a 24-hour per day source of QRM on 40M CW. On 
7031.9 there is a steady stream of dashes, with the dash lasting about 
1.5 seconds and then a space of 0.5 seconds. What is interesting is that 
there is a second signal which is much weaker on 7041.9 which is the 
exact inverse of the first. When the first signal is on, the second is 
off, and vice versa. Both sources peak at the same heading, roughly 90 
degrees from my main 40M yagi.

I have zeroed in on a spot about 2000 feet east of me where the main 
signal is almost 40 dB over on a mobile rig (K-3 with hamstick). I've 
ordered a DF loop antenna so I can try and pin it down further before 
knocking on doors. There are four houses in the immediate vicinity.

Just wondering if anybody in this group has ever come across something 
like this. Google searches and archive search for this reflector came up 
empty. The signals do not drift in frequency. Speculation as to the source?

73 Randy K0EU

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