Leonard Halvorsen lhalvors at pppl.gov
Fri Jan 12 16:36:58 EST 2018

Are those 4 houses high-rent-district kind of places?
Sounds like maybe a memory or sensor refresh on a security or fire detector

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 3:24 PM, Randall K Martin <rkmassoc at comcast.net>

> I have recently noticed a 24-hour per day source of QRM on 40M CW. On
> 7031.9 there is a steady stream of dashes, with the dash lasting about 1.5
> seconds and then a space of 0.5 seconds. What is interesting is that there
> is a second signal which is much weaker on 7041.9 which is the exact
> inverse of the first. When the first signal is on, the second is off, and
> vice versa. Both sources peak at the same heading, roughly 90 degrees from
> my main 40M yagi.
> I have zeroed in on a spot about 2000 feet east of me where the main
> signal is almost 40 dB over on a mobile rig (K-3 with hamstick). I've
> ordered a DF loop antenna so I can try and pin it down further before
> knocking on doors. There are four houses in the immediate vicinity.
> Just wondering if anybody in this group has ever come across something
> like this. Google searches and archive search for this reflector came up
> empty. The signals do not drift in frequency. Speculation as to the source?
> 73 Randy K0EU
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