[RFI] FW: RFI every 15 KHz on 160 meters, suspect source is a manufacturing facility.

Paul Christensen pchristensen at ieee.org
Mon Jan 22 09:27:42 EST 2018


Good job so far but you need to triangulate the noise source before
contacting anyone.   Maybe you did triangulate but the video doesn't show
validation at another location.  If you haven't, that means moving to at
least one other location far enough away to ensure that subsequent nulls all
line-up on the manufacturing building.  

Paul, W9AC

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Yesterday I tracked down RFI that has been bothering me on 160 meters for
the past year.  The source was a little hard to find because it's not always
on.  I finally had to use my SDR dongle with Ham it up converter in the car
with my small tuned loop to track down the source of the interference (in
order to make sure what I was seeing at home was what I was actually
tracking).  The suspect source is 0.75 miles from my house.
Here is a link to a video showing my efforts to date.


Today I will contact the manufacturing facility that I tracked the RFI down
to in order to take the next step with them.

I will report the actual source of the RFI as soon as it's determined which
might take some time (usually takes time to establish a good working
relationship with the suspect property owner).  Based on past experience it
sure looks like a variable speed drive, but in order to keep an open mind I
try not to guess ahead of time.

Just FYI,
Don (wd8dsb)
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