[RFI] RTTY signal on 3595.5 kHz

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Mon Jan 22 12:38:38 EST 2018

I am, again, asking for help from members of this forum.  Can anyone here help me and a 
friend, Joe WA7FWC, identify an RTTY signal which appears to be continuously 
transmitting on or near 3595.5 kHz?

This signal is, apparently, on 24/7 and from my listening to it, appears to be sending the 
same series of characters over and over again.

When I listened to it last night, I also heard someone on CW calling 1RN, the first region net 
of the NTS, so this RTTY signal is very close to the 1RN net frequency.

I did not note the time last night, nor the call of the CW calling station, but will try to do that 
this evening. The signal level here in Idaho is "weak, readable". In Oregon where Joe is, it 
is often very loud.

I and Joe have tried to decode this signal using FLDIGI, but so far our efforts have 
apparently failed....ALTHOUGH, I did copy for a bit what looked to me like a series of 1's 
and 0's at one time.

It appears to be at least 75 wpm RTTY and the bandwidth appears to be slightly wider than 
170 Hz, according to FLDIGI.

Joe and I have tried both USB and LSB and our results are still pretty much nil.

Can anyone help with this?

We suspect it is either a governmental station, or a foreign station, but don't know any more 
than I have listed above. I also suspect (IF my copy of 1's and 0s' is accurate) that it is 
actually sending some sort of digital data.

Has anyone else heard this station?


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