[RFI] Dishwasher

Christopher Brown cbrown at woods.net
Fri Jan 26 18:23:22 EST 2018

The SpeedQueen cloths washers and dryers, the purly electromechanical
models anyway (they also make electronic types) are wonderful...I have a

But I am not aware of them making dishwashers.

I have a super-quite (sound) Bosch dishwaster, 2 years old.  Upper side
of mid range, IIRC sold in the 700 - 900 USD range.  They do seem to
make some lower end ones with partially plastic housings, etc, but mid
to upper end Bosch units, specially the super-quiet rated ones seem to
be all metal housings all over (except for a couple < 2" dia holes for
lines/etc entering/leaving the chassis entire thing is metal enclosed).

There is filtration on the AC feed (Corcom filter brik plus toroids), as
there is for all my appliance AC feeds but unlike the MayTag it replaced
I cannot detect the electronics or VFD when running unless I am nearly
touching the case with a noise pickup antenna.

Also very quite to the ears, importany when you have a open plan living
room/dining room/kitchen.  Can hear it running if no other noise, but
normal conversation or even low tv volume covers it (about 15db quieter
than the Maytag it replaced)

On 1/26/18 14:08, Dennis wrote:
> Today’s dishwashers are not built to last and have too many
> electronic features.  We bought a Speed Queen.  It is built to
> industrial standards and has analog controls.  No RFI.
> Indestructible.   Do a search and read the feedback.  You will pay
> more and get only the necessary features.  The XYL and I are happy
> owners.
> Dennis AE6C
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