[RFI] New Dishwasher

dalej dj2001x at comcast.net
Sat Jan 27 20:15:20 EST 2018

You mean you have a computer in your stove too???

My gosh.

You can believe this or not, my stove is the same one puchaced just after moving into my current residence, a few months past 44 years ago.  It has no computer and it works just fine without one.  I did have to replace an oven element a few years back, but other than that, no other problems, still cooks and bakes just fine.  :) 

Dale, K9VUJ

On 27, Jan 2018, at 18:40, Dave Wood <w4ej15 at gmail.com> wrote:

It depends on the product.  Our Bosch dishwasher is RF quiet.  However, our
Bosch gas range is another story.  The microprocessor was  very dirty
especially on 160 and 80 meters.  Bosch factory was no help.  I was lucky
enough with the local repair guy, who took it apart for me and went out for
a smoke, while I installed multiple ferrites.  That did the trick.  So you
can't always rely on brand name for all products.  Dave W4EJ
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