[RFI] LED lights to avoid

N5KM - Kris n5kilomike at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 15:57:43 EST 2018

A ham friend did some kitchen remodeling recently. The contractor used LED
ceiling lights from Home Depot that turned out to be pretty noisy.
he didn't get a screen grab but he described the noiseas broadband. Below
his comments and solution.

Kris N5KM

--Comments --

This is the Home Depot LED light I mentioned at lunch today that was so



They looked nice but looks were very deceiving.  I think it is a good idea
to avoid

the Home Depot Commercial Electric brand of lighting.  We replaced them with

GE flood lights and a snap in trim piece.

I also put GE LED light bulbs in the bedroom ceiling fans and they are

I have several of the Sylvania candelabra base lights in decorative

and they too are quiet.

Best approach to changing over to LEDs is buy one and test it before you buy
for the entire project.

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