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Note that the ones used on distribution power lines often look like fat insulators, either plastic or porcelain... you can tell when you examine them because they will have a wire from the top going to the primary wire on the line and a wire from the bottom to the ground wire of the line.

Here are some examples:
An externally gapped Silicon Carbide arrester on a transformer:  http://ten350.com/index-16-transformers.html  followed by some explanations and pictures of other styles.

A 33kv post arrester with probable explosive disconnect at the bottom:  https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/CHBC-High-Quality-33KV10KA-Class-2_60493887733.html

Pictures of several styles:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surge_arrester

W8ji has good stuff on line hardware here:  https://www.w8ji.com/power_line_noise.htm  about half way down he identifies common hardware on a pole.

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> Robert,
> Google is your friend...  Try “what is a Metal Oxide Varistor” without 
> the quotes.
> The Metal Oxide Varistor or *MOV* is a voltage dependent, nonlinear 
> device that provides excellent transient voltage suppression. The 
> Metal Oxide Varistor is designed to protect various types of 
> electronic devices and semiconductor elements from switching and induced lightning surges.
> They are used is almost every SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) used is just
> about everything today.   They look like thick ceramic disc capacitors and
> come in various glossy colors.
> Ken
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>> What is the MOV that was discussed in a previous post?
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