[RFI] SolarEdge Finds New Source of Solar System RFI

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 1 20:13:09 EDT 2019

"I recently spoke with an engineer from SolarEdge who said that they 
discovered a previously unknown source of RFI which turned out to be the 
solar panels themselves. They found that the panels were producing noise 
while physically disconnected from the system at a few installations."

I have/had a panel, it may be in storage, made in China, about 18V 
output, bought to charge a small 12V battery, that could NOT keep a 
battery charged.  When a digital meter was put on the panel, the voltage 
slowly decreased.  An analog meter was put on the panel, and the voltage 
fluctuated wildly the entire time the panel was illuminated.  It was 
like watching a VU meter on an old stereo while listening to an AM talk 
station.  I did not check further for any RFI, or broadband noise.

If there is interest, I can dig out the box for that project, and 
hopefully find the panel for further analysis.


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