[RFI] FW: After 40 years of searching, scientists identify the key flaw in solar panel efficiency

David Eckhardt davearea51a at gmail.com
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I'll bet the wiring and the expanse of the panels themselves are the
antenna for all the digital RFI generated by all the active electronics.
Where are the ferrites being placed - between the panels and the active
electronics?   Someone brought up the question whether the panels had been
tested on a range by themselves, of course loaded with resistive current
sinks and no additional electronics attached.  I doubt this has been done
to isolate the panels, themselves, of just being antennae for the digital
RFI generated by the switchers and optimizers.  Does anyone know of or have
seen this data?

During our month-long camping trip to south and SE Utah last month using an
80-watt (rated) panel to keep the camper battery charged, I discovered that
if I strung a loop around the panel of the RG-58 coaxial cable, that
coupled very spikey 120-Hz noise into my radio (Icom 7300).  The braid of
the coax coupled the noise generated by the charge controller into the Ham
Stick antanna (with 120-feet of counterpoise on the soil surface).  When I
re-routed the coaxial cable such that there was no loop around the solar
array, the noise went away.  With the solar panel system connected to
nothing, there was no noise even though the panel was measured open circuit
at 23.5 vdc.  I seriously doubt the noise is produced by the panels,
themselves.  I'd propose the wiring and the panels are nothing but an
antenna radiating the digital RFI in the active electronics of the system.
And I'll bet the most effective location for placement of the ferrites is
on the wires between the active electronics and the panels.

Dave - WØLEV


On Thu, Jun 13, 2019 at 12:01 AM <r55stan at gmail.com> wrote:

> What is the noise voltage level (or power level into a load) from a solar
> cell?  For example, if it is -120 dBm and the signals coupled from the
> wiring of a solar array to your antenna is 50dB lower, you would never pick
> up the -170dBm signal.  It would be good to have some measured values to
> know if solar cell noise could radiate a detectable signal.
> I have also been told by a SolarEdge engineer that the solar cells might be
> part of the RFI problem.  However, when I asked him to explain why, he
> could
> not.  What I would believe is there could be some interaction between the
> switching in the optimizers and the solar cells and due to their size, the
> solar panels can radiate these signals.
> Randy KQ6RS
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> "What does this have to do with RFI?  Doesn't most if not all the RFI hash
> from solar panels emanate from the inverter, not the solar cells
> themselves?"
> If you've been on the list for at least a week, there's been extensive
> recent discussion of the panels themselves being capable of producing a
> considerable amount of noise with references going back roughly 60 years
> due
> to numerous reasons.  It's not too common, but it can happen.
> Kurt
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