[RFI] FW: After 40 years of searching, scientists identify the key flaw in solar panel efficiency

Roger (K8RI) k8ri at rogerhalstead.com
Thu Jun 13 00:20:53 EDT 2019

It appears they are still researching the cause/mechanism now that 
they've discovered a source.
Signal strength? I've not found any concrete numbers.  Theoretically it 
might be several watts with the panel architecture serving as the antenna.
Personally, I'd guess it's of a nature and strength that could be heard 
for no more than a few hundred yards.
BUT as I've said before, I left the industry in 87 so my knowledge is 
old knowledge plus a little leakage here and there..
Panels now cost a fraction of what they did back then even though the 
poly crystalline Si price is much higher.  I think it is currently 
around $60 USD per Kilo after hitting a high of over $200.

I know one company built an entire plant and made the decision to never 
start it. It never had chemicals in the pipes. Imagine the tax write off 
for that.

With the price decline there will be a big shakeup in the poly 
producers. There will be a push to cut corners and that will likely 
create problems.
I think China is the largest producer of panels and IIRC they stopped 
subsidizing  the solar panel industry.

I believe the system installation now costs more than the panels and the 
recent numbers I saw show good panels with about a 20% conversion rate.  
Again another reason for fabricators to cut corners.

73, Roger (K8RI)

On 6/12/2019 8:01 PM, r55stan at gmail.com wrote:
> What is the noise voltage level (or power level into a load) from a solar
> cell?  For example, if it is -120 dBm and the signals coupled from the
> wiring of a solar array to your antenna is 50dB lower, you would never pick
> up the -170dBm signal.  It would be good to have some measured values to
> know if solar cell noise could radiate a detectable signal.
> I have also been told by a SolarEdge engineer that the solar cells might be
> part of the RFI problem.  However, when I asked him to explain why, he could
> not.  What I would believe is there could be some interaction between the
> switching in the optimizers and the solar cells and due to their size, the
> solar panels can radiate these signals.
> Randy KQ6RS
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> "What does this have to do with RFI?  Doesn't most if not all the RFI hash
> from solar panels emanate from the inverter, not the solar cells
> themselves?"
> If you've been on the list for at least a week, there's been extensive
> recent discussion of the panels themselves being capable of producing a
> considerable amount of noise with references going back roughly 60 years due
> to numerous reasons.  It's not too common, but it can happen.
> Kurt
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