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I’m in northeast Ohio, east of Cleveland.


He acknowledges the interference is coming from the low voltage deck lights, he has also seen the videos clearly showing the before and after but is just refusing to actually do anything.  It’s the proverbial “you can lead a horse to water” except in this case the water was delivered, poured into a Chablis wine glass, with ice, served with white gloves, and an assortment of fine cheeses……..hi hi !!


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Hello Brad, 

Well it sounds like you've proven the cause. One of the things I like to do when approaching the owner of the offending source, is to have a radio in my hand that will display the noise. In your case I would approach the door with a clear radio station, maybe FM, and at a very low levels and as I'm talkin turn the volume up just slightly so they can hear the clear radio station. Then say this is a really clear station but let me show you this and hopefully through a memory channel in the radio or just tune to the am frequency where the noise is being displayed and say quote this is the noise I get on my equipment well your lights are on and then turn it up slightly so he can hear it so they get a better example as to what you're dealing with sometimes it's very convincing actually most of the time it's very convincing. Saying that all I'm interested in is being able to use my equipment without interference. It's unfortunate that he has the originator and source of the interference and you understand it isn't his fault that he has that but the manufacturer that built it build it without filtering and that is a violation of FCC rules and regulations and you're willing to help him install those filters to get rid of it that they should have installed.

I'd still like to know what area you are in?

Best wishes

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Thanks Mike, 


The RFI started occurring on the Sunday I returned from Hamvention.  Just installed the new IC-9700 and the band scope was showing pulsating band wide noise.  Also the s-meter on the 2m FM rig was fluctuating up to almost full scale even though no signal was present.  Going outside I noticed the newly installed deck lights, called my neighbor, and sure enough he just finished Saturday installing them.  I asked him to turn them off for a minute and the noise disappeared, turning them back on brought it back.  I was able to get a spare light he had, took it in the shack and regardless of being powered off pure DC or low voltage AC it was emitting RFI like I never saw before.  See my QRZ page for links to the videos (intentionally non-technical) for my neighbor, the Mfg and for the ARRL. 


73 de Brad, N8GLS 

Mentor, OH 


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Hey Brad I'm sorry to hear about your issue too bad it's not uncommon! 

I don't remember seeing or hearing about how you determined that there's lights were the issue! 

I'm not second-guessing you I'm just curious as to the method you used to determine they were the cause of the problem. 

I'd also be interested in knowing where this is, the state & town. 

Best wishes to you 

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On Nov 21, 2019, at 7:12 PM, N8GLS <n8gls at arrl.net <mailto:n8gls at arrl.net> > wrote: 

I filed an "informal" complaint with the FCC a month ago regarding RFI
emanating from a neighbor's installation of LED Deck Lights done back in May
2019.  I did receive one response that a ticket number was assigned and have
been regularly checking the status but no further "action" yet.  I realize
this may be a fairly long process and may not go anywhere but was curious if
anybody here has ever filed a complaint and if so how long it took before
some indication of status was received ??


A little history:  The interference affects almost the entire 2m band.  This
neighbor was initially cooperative and once I found a solution (a simple
combination of Chokes) I bought and gave him all the chokes needed for the
entire deck as well as offering to install them myself or at least help.  A
reply of "no help needed, I can install myself no problem" gave me an
indication of sincerity ..that was back in July.  These lights have turned
on at dusk and off at about 1am every single day since May.  I politely
called him again the beginning of Oct reminding him the interference was
still emanating from the lights and I would still install if he didn't have
the time.  That call ended with an agitated response of  "its not my
problem" and "I don't believe by merely buying these lights in any way makes
me responsible for anything", followed by "If they were so bad they wouldn't
be sold".  It was clear there was no intention of installing anything at any
time and further conversation about the situation would be fruitless.  Left
with no other solution I filed the informal complaint and included a summary
of the issue, timeline of events and links to a couple videos showing the
interference being received as well as one solution to remedy it. 


Frustrating to say the least, and sadly, words like "cooperation",
"politeness", "neighborly" and "respect" don't seem to mean much these days.


73 de Brad, N8GLS



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