[RFI] FCC Formal Complaint First Hand Experience?

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 22 20:54:56 EST 2019

"I was wondering if anyone has first-hand experience with the FCC formal 
complaint process? I'm especially interested in the outcome of such 
cases and what the typical lawyer fees are."

I'm still reading up, but...

Formal vs. informal, from what I see on the FCC website, along with 
fees, mention things such as telecommunications service providers, 
internet providers, television, satellite services, affected consumers, 
et cetera.

Until today, I never heard formal vs informal, and for complaints 
regarding interference to amateur radio stations, still find references 
to call, write, or fill out the online form, with no mention at all of 
"formal", "informal", or fees.

I, personally think, so far, people are just looking up "complaint", in 
association with FCC, and looking at the wrong things, or, more 
realistically, since there is more general public than there are hams, 
and online searches provide results based on hits, we're going to get 
something totally unrelated, by default, and nature of design.  In 
short, 5 million average consumers will drive the results seen by a few 
dozen hams.  One needs to ignore the first, second, or third result, and 
review the first few PAGES, or more, for what applies, rather than what 
a search engine algorithm thinks is popular.

(Personal gripe.  Remember when search results provided EVERYTHING? Now 
they have a limit of something like 2,000 hits.  Many times in the past, 
I found myself spending days, even weeks, going over 10 - 20 thousand 
hits, and actually finding what I wanted.  No wonder we can't find 
anything any more!  If google says there are 20,237, 418 results, then 
dang it, let me see ALL of them, I can decide how far to go, and at what 
point the results become less likely to have what I want!  So many old 
saved links were for things like, "Page 674 of 9,872", meaning at 100 
hits per page, I had 987,200 results to go over, and was part way through.)

General info relating to amateur radio complaints:


Form for filing interference complaint to amateur radio:


And, I found this information on the FCC site, although slightly more 
confusing, but THIS site, with less wasted words, mentions the "formal" 
complaints, with fees, however, it is for utilities, and service 
providers, NOT amateur radio:


It would appear the formal legal process regarding complaints against 
gov't run public utilities, and for-profit service providers, somehow 
became the new way to file complaints against interference to licensed 
amateur radio stations.


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