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Sun Nov 24 14:50:56 EST 2019

I can't tell from their page ... https://airspy.com/download/

Is SpectrumSpy available for Linux or limited to a MS version
of windows?


> No connection to AIRSPY other than using their products.
> The AirSpy SDR coupled with SDR# SW can be used as a quite capable spectrum
> analyzer.  So much so that I recommend it to clients who don't have the
> thousands of $$ to spend on a dedicated spectrum analyzer.  SDR#, which is
> freeware, comes with an application termed "Spectrum Spy".  It empowers the
> AirSpy SDR to operate as a spectrum over a span as small as 10 MHz up to
> the full span of 24 MHz through 1.8 GHz.  It's spiff, to say the least and
> the cost is only around $200 for the SDR, itself, and, as I've mentioned,
> Spectrum Spy comes with a free download and installation of SDR#.
> Dave - WØLEV
> On Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 6:00 PM N8GLS <n8gls at arrl.net> wrote:
>> First and foremost, thanks to all who have (and still are) offering
>> comments, ideas, and suggestions.
>> I will look at an SDR dongle to aide in what appears will be a long and
>> daily pursuit of local interference causing devices.   Still looking at
>> spectrum analyzers as they apparently have come way down in price since I
>> last looked (too many years ago).  Surprising less than or equal to some of
>> the SDR defined radios I own, so can't say one wouldn't be a worthy
>> addition.
>> I have to go back and read the listing standards for these lighting devices
>> to see just what the requirements are.  I think those devices fall under a
>> category allowing self-certification.  There were no "FCC" markings on the
>> device anywhere, but again, the standard(s) may not require any marking at
>> all.  They were an ETL listed device and I still know a few people there
>> and
>> will get in touch them this week to see what tests were or were not
>> performed.
>> As for this whole process, it's a bit disheartening actually.  I have no
>> blame for any agency or organization and really my only complaint is that
>> of
>> my own impatience.  I certainly will be advocating for better and easier to
>> acquire documentation explaining the process.  I thank those that have
>> published articles and presentations as those provided insight, knowledge
>> and hope, if not just solace in knowing somebody else has been down this
>> road.
>> Thanks all and I'll post updates as they transpire,
>> 73, Brad N8GLS
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