[RFI] FCC Complaint Filing

Charles Plunk af4o at twc.com
Mon Nov 25 00:29:46 EST 2019

My latest one I tracked to a pole up the street. Its radiating up and 
down the street but fairly sure. I rarely get this lucky but it was 
already marked for replacement due to a weak wood pole. Lots of hardware 
on it and they told me it would be all new. So waiting on that before I 
track further. I have had so many fixed for decades I communicate via 
email with the engineer there. There office is only about a half mile 
from my QTH.

I nearly always track them myself nowadays since its a small rural 
utility. Saves time vs them having to call their supplier who has rfi 
services that can take forever and ever and ever and then I lack 
confidence they know what they are doing. Last one they tracked off down 
in the woods and it turned out it was the pole in my backyard. I tracked 
it to the exact hardware after df'ing then using my QST article 
ultrasonic dish instead of waiting for them to come back. This time 
though I have been unable to hear it with the ultrasonic but df'ed it on 
several frequencies/antennas/rigs.

On 11/24/19 10:21 PM, JW wrote:
> Chuck,
> I, for one, make mention when writing the power company on RFI
> issues whether the source has a high likelihood of affecting Public
> Service or aircraft communications and navigation frequencies,
> including even MW/LW beacon frequencies in one notable case.

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