[RFI] New kitchen lights - wafer LED lights

Howard Lester howard220 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 07:30:36 EDT 2019

Eddie, I got mine in January from Newark. I think Mouser was out at the time…. The link is below. While it doesn’t specify FT-240-31, it is Type 31, 2.4” diameter, 12.7” height, and 0.5” diameter hole. They cost $5.25 each. Order 10 or more and they’re $5.11 each. Note that the included photo is not of an FT-240. I hope they work for you. 

If you want to buy specifically from Mouser, try searching on the part number 2631803802. 

https://www.newark.com/fair-rite/2631803802/ferrite-core-cylindrical-119ohm/dp/43K4703?ost=43k4703&ddkey=https%3Aen-US%2FElement14_US%2Fsearch <https://www.newark.com/fair-rite/2631803802/ferrite-core-cylindrical-119ohm/dp/43K4703?ost=43k4703&ddkey=https:en-US/Element14_US/search>

The Fair-Rite technical page is: https://www.fair-rite.com/product/round-cable-emi-suppression-cores-2631803802/ <https://www.fair-rite.com/product/round-cable-emi-suppression-cores-2631803802/>

Howard  N7SO


> Does anyone know the Mouser part number for FT240-31 ferrite toroids?  
> 73, de ed -K0iL
> Omaha, NE

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