[RFI] Suggestions for an RFI-clean battery charger/maintainer

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Hi Andy,

I use C-TEK's in my shack with no issues.   I also have one of the Stanly's
you show that I use when operating to get extra boost for my batteries.   I
have a K3 and POWER Cube amp which both use 12V power.   So I have a battery
bank that solar keeps up during the day and the C-TEC & Stanley for when
operating to keep the voltage up.

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I found a bad battery charger at my neighbors house and would like to
replace it with a better one.  He will be mostly using it for charging his
RAM truck, which has 2 truck batteries in parallel all winter (big diesel).
Also would be good to use it for charging other dead batteries around the

I am looking at these two. Has anyone experience with these or others or

Thanks and 73
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