[RFI] Solar Panel RFI Update

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 30 14:43:58 EDT 2019

"They said they would remove the system for the reasons he mentioned if 
he agreed to pay for the remainder of his 20 year contract which is 
about $24,000."

Funny thing about "early termination fees", they apply to an active 
customer.  A customer who is active, and has not terminated the service, 
isn't charged, of course.  Quit the service, one is no longer a 
customer, and can no longer be billed.  Even if one AGREES to the fees 
up front, the terminal fee comes after the customer leaves. Again, one 
cannot charge someone who is no longer a customer.

Sometimes it's fun to watch a company change their mind on the spot, 
when one informs them THEY have their own policy, which comes into 
affect after the fact.  An "Annoyance Fee".  I typically claim to charge 
somewhere between $750 and $2,500 per annoyance, cumulatively.  "Well, 
you've annoyed me seventeen times this call, the bill is $42,500 so 
far.  Would you like to pay more, or just remove your equipment, as I am 
no longer a customer, your items are considered refuse, and you may be 
additionally charged for illegal disposal of "'e-waste', and hazardous 
materials? (mumbling to 'self' over the phone, 'Where's the number for 
the EPA...?')  You have 24 hours to remove your equipment, at your own 
expense, with no other claims, or charges against me, a NON customer, 
after which time, it will be disposed of, and you will be liable for 
that, as well, as you are still the legally responsible owner of said 

Sound far-fetched?  I've already run it through the Nevada Justice, and 
california Superior Court systems.  A company has their terms, everyone 
else is allowed theirs.  The icing on top was when a judge starting 
doing it, increasing the rate by 30%, compounded, per incident.  I 
thought I was over the top, he REALLY knew the law... Mentioned it to a 
neighbor, he came down a month later showing me a $75 check he received 
from a company for THEM sending HIM a junk mail postcard, and the effort 
of his having to dispose of it.  It's all about "terms, and policies", 
make sure you create some that work in your favor.

One does not have to scream "lawyer", although that's usually faster, 
when a company is already at-fault, and documentation has been provided 
to them (they probably already know how boned they are, with no way 
out), but one really needs to stand up for themselves.

Something to consider...


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