[RFI] SolarEdge Solar Panel RFI Update

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Hi Tony,

The SolarEdge optimizer I tested was Model P320.  If other members of this
list want to see the spectrum plot I measured, feel free to send me an email
and I will send it to you (the list bounced it when I sent an embedded

A comment regarding high RFI levels after SolarEdge comes out and "fixes" a
neighbor's installation is they may have missed one or more optimizers.
Even one optimizer without ferrites will radiate a lot of RFI.  SolarEdge
had to come out four times for one of my neighbors until they finally
filtered every optimizer.




Randy, KQ6RS



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On 8/23/2019 7:50 PM, Randy Standke wrote:

> I picked up a SolarEdge optimizer on eBay and fed it with a power supply
in place of a solar panel.  Even though it was in idle mode, on a spectrum
analyzer I saw the same RFI that I see on the air.




Would you happen to have the model number of that eBay Optimzer? I spoke to
one of the SolarEdge field techs today and he said there's a "quiet" 

model SP350 that they install whenever they receive an RFI complaint.


This is the same model they used to replace the optimizers on my neighbors
installation in 2017 which did little to reduce the noise.


Tony -K2MO



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