[RFI] Name that Noise

Dana Roode K6NR dana.roode at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 15:12:41 EDT 2019

I reviewed some of my postings to RFI over the years, and am reminded that
my QRN is not new.  Back in 2010 I wrote about the easterly noise that is a
problem on 20 meters, getting worse in the afternoons.  I've never tracked
that down, its hard to locate when I get in the car.

My bigger problem is a dreaded 40m noise from the South; that is coming
from a group of houses about 1200 ft away.  Earlier this week I was
orienting a Pixel loop antenna to null the noise and made the following
video of my KX2 as I tuned through the band:


Its AM, and there is some wind noise you have to ignore.  The signal is
strongest around 7mhz, peaking every 300khz or so.  Its weaker at 10mhz,
and even weaker at 14mhz.  I think I hear it at 3.5 but there is lots of
other QRN to hear as well.

Any thoughts on what this is?  A friend traced it once to a house with an
electric fence, but I wouldn't think those would have peaks ever 300khz.


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