[RFI] Name that Noise - K6NR Victorville Receive Interference

Dana Roode K6NR dana.roode at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 15:07:37 EDT 2019

Greetings RFI folks,

Richard, K6RBS, and I have done some additional investigating of my receive
interference described in this thread.  I have summarized everything in
this google doc:


The doc has links to SDR graphs and sound files.  I have two
persistent noise sources, at least.  The southerly one we have DF'd and
tracked south of me to one of two houses.  We found the electrical pole
where it is the strongest.  However, I am no expert, but the nature of the
noise may suggest a switching power supply or other device and not
electrical power lines.  You tell me.  It *amazingly* well wipes out 40
meters, as if it had been designed to do so.  And just for fun, has a wide
range of artifacts below and well above.  On AM it is a pulsating buzz

I have submitted a trouble ticket with Southern California Edison to verify
its not them, perhaps help with contracting the residents, and hopefully to
look at my second, easterly noise.  I have also reached out to the
residents at the two homes, but they are surrounded by locked fences so I
am starting by writing them letters.

The easterly noise I reported here in 2010, sounds like static crashes, but
is on pretty much every day.  There are intermittent noises as well, but I
will get to them if we make progress on these two.

I used a Alex Loop to get bearings on the southerly noise; its so strong
that it was not hard.  I am not able to hear the easterly noise on the Alex
Loop from my house, I will have to drive around more to see if I can locate
it.  I will also do some SDR graphs of it when I get a chance.

     Dana, K6NR

On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 12:12 PM Dana Roode K6NR <dana.roode at gmail.com>

> I reviewed some of my postings to RFI over the years, and am reminded that
> my QRN is not new.  Back in 2010 I wrote about the easterly noise that is a
> problem on 20 meters, getting worse in the afternoons.  I've never tracked
> that down, its hard to locate when I get in the car.
> My bigger problem is a dreaded 40m noise from the South; that is coming
> from a group of houses about 1200 ft away.  Earlier this week I was
> orienting a Pixel loop antenna to null the noise and made the following
> video of my KX2 as I tuned through the band:
> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1haecP3Dvz-sckJj7V4GPhAK3DVj74dUR
> Its AM, and there is some wind noise you have to ignore.  The signal is
> strongest around 7mhz, peaking every 300khz or so.  Its weaker at 10mhz,
> and even weaker at 14mhz.  I think I hear it at 3.5 but there is lots of
> other QRN to hear as well.
> Any thoughts on what this is?  A friend traced it once to a house with an
> electric fence, but I wouldn't think those would have peaks ever 300khz.
>   Dana

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