[RFI] Anyone have any luck with RF-proofing CenturyLink Fiber?

Eddie Edwards eddieedwards at centurylink.net
Thu Apr 9 11:04:33 EDT 2020


I'm assuming you do NOT have their Prism TV especially their wireless TV
option which radiate strong RFI everywhere even blocking garage door openers
at 400MHz.  Had to have cat 5e installed to each TV to fix that.  

Also assuming by "goes offline" you mean your wireless router dies?  

The original router CenturyLink install for my internet & Prism TV was
fairly clean; no RFI in or out of it with no need to add ferrites or
anything.  Then that clean router died.  CenturyLink gave me another
IP/Prism router (apparently the last one for PrismTV/Internet as Prism is
being phased out).  

The replacement router also seemed clean of RFI (out or in) until I operated
on 40 meters using my 80 meter inverted L antenna during a contest.  That
shut down the wireless router.  

With no 31mix ferrites on hand at that time, I added a 43mix ferrite to the
wireless router's power cable.  It still died when transmitting on 40

Added another 43 to the main data cable from the fiber to copper converter
at the input to the wireless router.  This worked, and stopped 40 meters
from killing the router.  

So the copper data cable was probably bringing RFI into the house/router
killing the router.  It had nothing to do with the fiber to copper converter
outdoors other than that was the entry path into the router.

Note:  I only run 100watts barefoot-no amp.  Inverted L antenna was designed
for 80 meters, not 40 meters.  So had to use an antenna tuner.  Inverted L
is only about 15-20 ft from the fiber to copper converter along the back of
the house.  

And as K9YC stated, ask CenturyLink for a new router that doesn't receive or
emit RF signals.  

73, de ed -K0iL

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I swear I saw something about this somewhere but I can't find it in the
archives. I just switched to CenturyLink fiber and even though it's all the
way on the other side of the house from the HF antenna, it goes offline
every time I transmit on FT8.

I put a ferrite on the router power supply, but I think it's the box that
takes the fiber and turns it into signals on copper. I'll do some more
experimenting but has anyone had any issues with RF and their fiber


Todd K7EMI

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