[RFI] Does anyone recognize this RFI?

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Wed Apr 15 13:25:12 EDT 2020

These are clocks or their harmonics from microprocessors built into 
various nearby equipment. Anything from refrigerators to home 
entertainment systems.

73, Jim K9YC

On 4/15/2020 8:11 AM, Matt Foster wrote:
> The linked image shows interference that, as far as I know, is always
> present for me on 15m. I’m talking primarily about what is appearing
> between about 1400 and 2100 on the waterfall. If you look closely, you’ll
> see that the lines are leaning slightly to the right. They VERY slowly
> progress up in frequency and then back down in frequency. It appears to me
> that there is a spike about every 55 Hz. I have no idea what this might be.
> I thought someone on here might recognize it.

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