[RFI] Power Line Noise

K9MA k9ma at sdellington.us
Thu Apr 16 18:16:13 EDT 2020

On 4/16/2020 17:02, AA5CT wrote:
> re: "I went out today to track down a noise source, which on the
> HF bands appears to be coming from the east. "
> Scott, I give you even money odds that you found ANOTHER noise
> source on VHF, and not the one that was affecting you on HF (unless
> you already got it fixed, and that was it, in which case I lose hi hi).

I doubt it. This source is just too incredibly loud at 135 MHz and close 
(maybe 300 feet from the antenna) that it can't possibly NOT be causing 
HF interference. I agree with your point, though. When tracking at VHF, 
I always hear lots of sources that are not the one causing the HF 
problem. I deal with that by relaying the noise from the HF receiver at 
home so that I can hear it while I'm out tracking. There is always a 
pattern to the fluctuations. When I find that they match, I know I've 
got the right source. This is the same principle as taking the "noise 
signature", without the expensive equipment. It has served me well.

I didn't bother this time because the source is so ridiculously strong 
on VHF right out my front door.


Scott K9MA

Scott  K9MA

k9ma at sdellington.us

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