[RFI] Oven RFI help needed

Dan w8car at buckeye-express.com
Wed Apr 22 17:17:24 EDT 2020

We recently purchased a new spiffy oven with lots of bells and whistles. There is a great touch pad to control all the nifty functions and it works well. The oven does not interfere with my station BUT....
When I transmit at low power the oven beeps (the same beeps as the touch pad). If I run high power it becomes hysterical and sometimes locks up requiring a power down and restart. I have pulled the stove out and installed several clamp on toroids on the power cord to no effect. I have traced the wiring and I think it is on a dedicated circuit that runs back to the breaker box.

Interestingly, it has a “lock” function that disables the key pad and locks the over door shut. You can not use the oven with this engaged. But, I don’t affect the oven with the lock function engaged. I can live with this but can envision my lovely wife wanting to use the oven while I’m banging away in a pileup or contest. So, domestic bliss is the driver for my query.

It is a Samsung gas oven. If any one has any experience or ideas I would be very interested. I am loath at this point to pull the back off to put toroids or bypass caps in.

73 Dan W8CAR

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