[RFI] Oven RFI responses TNX

Dan w8car at buckeye-express.com
Thu Apr 23 10:12:55 EDT 2020

Guys, tnx all the responses for the RFI oven problem. I will be sending an email/letter to Samsung to see if they are any help (not holding my breath). Sounds like the brute force choke is the next candidate before I tear into the back of the still in warrantee stove. As to overloading cores, the load on the line is minimal since it is a gas stove. The only thing that probably draws any current is the convection fan which is rarely on. I would imagine the touch pad and associated wiring harness is at the root of the problem. 

Now, to my box of cores to see if I have anything to wind a cord on!

If I have any success I will post to the list.

Thanks and stay safe out there
73, Dan W8CAR

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