[RFI] Samsung oven RFI update

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Samsung may have an actual fix. i would imagine that this is  major concern to them because an stove or oven that turns on unexpectedly is fire risk, whether it is the stovetop or oven.

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Gents, I wound 10 turns of an old computer AC cord around 2 cores I had laying around. Not sure of their lineage but think they might be 43 or 61 mix. These have an ID of about 1.5 inches. I also added a bunch of snap on ferrite to the remaining cord.  This was for testing purposes only as it would not be a safe NEC approved install. The termination of one end of the cord was an wall outlet sans box wrapped in electrical tape

I pulled the stove out (getting pretty good at this!) and installed the jury rigged choke in line with the power cord.

RESULTS: Initial results show NO RFI to the stove at 100 watt level on any  band. On 20, the worst offender, I could get up to about 1KW before the oven began to fault. All other bands seemed to be fine at full power.

Next steps: I ordered some of the Fair rite 2631814002 31 mix toroids from Newark on line. These have a 3 inch ID to allow winding cord easily. They seemed to have the best price of any supplier at this time. When those arrive I will be making the MOC (mother of all chokes) up for permanent installation. I think with the right material and careful planning the problem should be under control.

I am still going to contact Samsung so they have a record of the problem if anything further happens or the oven craps out unexpectedly.

Once again, Thanks to all, especially W1VLF of the ARRL, for his call and advice.

I will keep the list posted when I get the new choke installed – hopefully a success story!


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