[RFI] RFI Solved After 2 Years

Jim McCook w6ya at cox.net
Fri Jul 10 13:14:50 EDT 2020


I don't have access to the Lutron dimmer model.  The electrician simply 
stated that it's designed for dimmable LEDs.

Perhaps you're dealing with the switching power supply for the LEDs, an 
entirely different problem.  Do the LEDs have a separate PS or are they 
contained within the actual light?  I have had to deal with RFI from 
many pendant or chandelier LEDs, and even the dreaded strip LEDs, all 
which have switching power supplies that are radiating monsters.

For pedants and chandeliers the little PS (POS) is usually in the back 
box.  I've had luck with installing Corcom filters between the line and 
that PS.  For tough cases or with strip LEDs you have to go to the attic 
to install a "magnetic" PS, readily available on Amazon.  This is just 
one example:


In any of those cases the switching PS must be first discarded (smashed 
or burned works well).  73, Jim W6YA

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