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Tue Nov 3 14:43:09 EST 2020


In my experience, there are two distinct noises that radiate from the 
optimizers and inverter which you can see in the video I posted: 

The "modulated" traces you see on the spectral display emanate from the 
DC Optimizers. The steady carriers are caused by the inverter.

We found this to be the case using the process or elimination i.e., 
shutting down the inverter and covering the solar panels with tarps 
during daylight hours.

My neighbor has the European model optimizers and his old inverter was 
recently swapped for a new unit. I have the model numbers on file and 
will send them to you ASAP.

The RFI characteristics changed slightly with these modifications, but 
the overall strength of the interference has not changed. The RF chokes 
installed on the DC side a few years back help somewhat but the noise is 
still S-9 or better.

Tony -K2MO

On 11/2/2020 6:45 PM, k1ttt.dave at gmail.com wrote:
> Just found out a neighbor got a solaredge system installed over the summer,
> couldn't see it until recently when the leafs fell off the trees.  It has
> apparently been active for about a month and I have not heard a peep out of
> it.  Does anyone know if the SolarEdge Single Phase Inverter with HD Wave
> technology (SE3800H-US), and/or the SolarEdge P320 optimizers, have been
> implicated in other noisy systems??  If so, what were the characteristics of
> the noise??
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