[RFI] 13,000 Lumens - 150 watts - bad RFI

Tim Duffy k3lr at k3lr.com
Wed Nov 11 21:13:55 EST 2020

Thanks Dave:

Looks like 3 cores will do the trick for the K9YC filter. Winding the cores
now. Neighbor is good for a Saturday install.

He told me it is a GLD LED 150 Flood light IP66

Man does it create the RFI!

Tim K3LR

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If you add anything to your neighbors light, try and get a hold harmless 

If there is a fire, you have increased your liability by working on his 
electrical system.

If it were me, I would look for a commercial solution that uses Jim's 
process...  I am not sure if anyone is selling Jim's filters yet...  If 
not, someone is missing a big opportunity...

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
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On 11/11/20 5:22 PM, Tim Duffy wrote:
> Neighbor just installed a new security light for his outside garage door -
> dusk to dawn. 13,000 Lumens - 150 watts - LED.
> Bad RFI on all bands RX at K3LR. Will #31 ferrite on the 120 VAC power
> (at the light) - many turns - fix this bad actor?
> Or can you suggest an RFI quiet alternative?
> 73
> Tim K3LR
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