[RFI] Internet Switch RFI

Jim McCook w6ya at cox.net
Sat Nov 21 18:15:15 EST 2020

I know internet switches have been discussed a couple of years back, but 
I found no help in the archives.

A new S-9 RFI noise just appeared on 3.513 KHz as the center frequency.  
It's a hump about 14 KHz wide.  I tracked it to a neighbor's house 180ft 
away.  It's a new internet switch that she just bought from Amazon: 
Aumox SG518P 18 port Gigabit Network Unmanaged Switch, 16 Port POE with 
2 Uplink Gigabit Ports, 250w. It also generates signals from 160 through 
40m at 143 KHz intervals, but the only one that concerns me is the one 
centered at 3.513.  She uses 13 of the ports for many different 
functions around her house.  It does NOT have a separate power supply!  
It is unrealistic to think of putting toroids on all those cables and 
the AC line.  Her cables are too short to do that without splicing new 
sections with toroids on each one.  I know NOTHING about these 
switches.  Does anyone have experience with one using this many ports 
that either has a separate power supply or does not generate RFI?  This 
is a very nice neighbor and I will not just tell her to fix it.  I'd 
hope she can return it and get one that is RFI proof.  Covid access is a 
problem.  73, Jim W6YA

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