[RFI] Fw: 40M RFI

Christopher Wawak kc2ieb at wawak.org
Sun Feb 7 09:40:16 EST 2021

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

On Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 10:23 PM Dave Cole <dave at nk7z.net> wrote:

> Check out:
> https://www.nk7z.net/sdr-rfi-survey-p1/
> That will give you some tools to quantify the issue.
> Then check out:
> https://www.nk7z.net/category/info/rfi-mitigation/
> That will give you more info to assist in this...
> 73, and thanks,
> Dave (NK7Z)
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> On 2/6/21 7:18 PM, w6jh--- via RFI wrote:
> > This RFI starts up each evening. It's not present during the afternoon
> and usually doesn't start until well after dark I did notice it earlier
> this morning well after sunrise. It was gone later in the day. It starts as
> several narrow "humps" walking across the panadapter from lower to higher
> frequency. They appear at first as almost horizontal sweep lines on the
> waterfall gradually curving upward to vertical and after 20 or 30 seconds
> settling into the pattern seen below. I can't seem to correlate it to
> anything in the house. I suspected my neighbor's energy saving, variable
> speed pool pump because the startup pattern makes me think it's rotating
> machinery. However, I think his pump was running this afternoon while the
> rfi was NOT present, and vice versa this evening. It's most pronounced on a
> vertical, I can see it a little on an inverted vee. It extends above and
> below the 40 meter band, but I don't see it on 80M or on 30M. Any idea
> where to start looking?
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