[RFI] RFI Question

Gary Peterson kzerocx at rap.midco.net
Fri Feb 12 13:16:03 EST 2021

This reminds me of a broadband noise that appeared on 75 meters.  It would come and go suddenly, happened at about the same time every day and sounded like the rhythm of an old, Maytag washing machine.  I DFed it to the nearest neighbor’s house, almost a thousand feet to the north.  It was his new treadmill.  He’s a ham and, in spite of being inactive, was sympathetic.  We ran some tests.  When he used an extension cord to power the treadmill from a different, nearby outlet, the noise was undetectable at my QTH.  Go figure.  I volunteered to supply some ferrites to snuff the RFI.  He was comfortable with the extension cord and different outlet solution...so problem solved.


“I can't be the only one who read this and made a mental note to check for
extension cords around the house....kc2ieb chris”

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