[RFI] Dimmer Behavior

Dan K2YWE dan.k2ywe at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 15:03:05 EST 2022

I just replaced a chandelier that had 5 LED candelabra base 4-element LED
lamps in it (the ones shaped like flames). It worked fine for years with
our ancient Leviton dimmer (up-down buttons and little leds) using a mix of
GE and Feit LED lamps.
The replacement chandelier has only 4 sockets. I put in the same LED lamps
and the dimmer just continuously cycles the lights from bright to dim. If I
remove one of the four lamps it behaves normally. The brand of the three
doesn't seem to matter.
If I put in a Feit in the 4th slot it stays unlighted but the other three
work fine. If I put a GE in the 4th slot I get the cycling behaviour. An
incandescent 4th lamp makes everything work normally.
Clearly the old dimmer can't handle the 4 LED loadline.
I need a recommendation for a modern LED friendly dimmer that is known to
be EMI-Free, I operate 160m-6m.
73, Dan

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