[RTTY] Improving the Odds of RTTY Operations - A Suggestion

Arsk0jn@aol.com Arsk0jn@aol.com
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 18:50:50 EST

David - VK4GL, Team Leader for VK9ML, has responded to the many requests for 
RTTY operations on their upcoming dx-pedition. This is in part due to many on 
this reflector who requested it. I think others would respond as well (like 
the upcoming HH operation) if we e-mailed the operators in advance requesting 
There is an upcoming operation to Vatican, which I'm sure many of us would 
like to have on rtty:

HV     - Look for Vatican City station HV5PUL  (http://www.pul.it/hv5pul.htm)
          to be activated on HF bands and 6 metres on 20 April and again on 16
          May. [TNX IW0DJB]

I have e-mailed Luca, IW0DJB and asked for RTTY. Maybe if enough of us do it, 
we can enjoy a rtty contact instead of complaining about "no rtty operation" 
after it's over.
Luca's e-mail is: puladmin@librs6k.vatlib.it

Joe, K0JN