[RTTY] Keying circuit interface

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For those of you using ICOM rigs, I built the ProData interface by Bob Lewis
AA4PB from the article in the March QST. He describes this interface as the
"Cadillac" and so far I must agree with him. It runs all modes through the
ACC(1) port on the back of the rig. The really nice thing about it is it has
two DIN jacks on the back so you can still use an outboard controller for
RTTY, Pactor, etc for true FSK or use it as a sound card interface for PSK,
MFSK, etc. The bottom line is no more switching cables, no more tweaking the
mic gain or the slider bars on the soundcard (since it has input and output
volume contronls) and you can use either your computer's com port for keying
or VOX.

He also sells a beautiful circuit board with through plated holes for $15
and also has a complete "paint-by-numbers" instruction sheet. Since you have
to buy the smaller parts in quantity, it is actually more expensive to build
this one than to buy a RigBlaster or MFJ interface, but not by much. And if
most of you guys are like me, I would rather build one for $110 than buy one
for $90!

de Scott N0IU

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> I built the interface described in the MMTY Help file. It uses one
> transistor, 2 diodes and 2 resistors. I used a 2N3904 transistor.
> Both FSK and Xmit keying built on perf board squeezed into the shell of
> a DB9 connector. Tight fit indeed.
> Why did I do that? Well I built it the day before BARTG and I simply
> could not find a suitable enclosure in the junk box. Pity.
> FYI: the rig here is the IC-751A. Great rig for RTTY.
> Cheers,
> Bob VE2AXO
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