[RTTY] 30 meter calling freq?

Waldemar DK3VN dk3vn@nexgo.de
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 23:32:21 +0200

Bill Turner wrote:
> Is there a standard 30 meter RTTY calling frequency?  Just put up a
> dipole nice and high and want to try it out.
> Bill, W7TI
> ...

Hi Bill,

in Europe the band segment for digital modes on 30m is 10140..145!
In Mid April your sunset is ~02:30 UTC and our sunrise ~04:30 UTC.
With other words, the window should be from 0230-0430z. I assume,
that the chance for a contact between W6 and DL is a little bit
better before our sunrise.

Tonight I will CQ-ing on 10143 +/- QRM (FSK, LSB high tones)
at 03:30, 04:00 and 04:30 UTC, each time for 10 minutes.
But don't expect very much! I am running low power and
a 2 element beam at 8m (25 ft) over the ground only. ~:) 

BTW: Everyone, who can copy me, is welcome!

73 de Waldemar, DK3VN
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