Dick Whittering dick@bartg.demon.co.uk
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 19:39:03 +0000

Had hoped to be able to run RCKRtty for the first time 'in anger' but
the new Laptop died so had to revert to running MMTTY on an old clunker.
Combination of bad condx and a mediocre aerial system here resulted in
the the following low score.. (Really must get a full sized dipole up,
these shortened things just don't cut it..)
Lots of SP calls about and like Phil, I only missed 'K'..
Saw all continents at some time or another but condx did not allow my 30
watts to make it to other than to EU and AS. Still, made 100 Q's in just
under 9 hours of intermittent operating so I am pleased with that..

As they used to say on all my school report cards: "Could Do Better"

Band    QSO     Pnt     DX      SP
80      0       0       0       0
40      17      85      11      4
20      64      332     24      11      
15      14      105     7       0
10      6       45      2       0

Totals  101     567     44      15

2 continents.

567x(44+15)x2= 66906

73s es tnx to all who worked me.
Dick.. G3URA..

"BARTG Contests. 'Probably' the best RTTY contests in the world."