[RTTY] Upcoming Kure operation

Walt Niemczura walt at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Aug 7 09:36:42 EDT 2003


I've talked to Kimo and there will be a RTTY station on Kure Is.

I believe one of the operators have chosen this as his main task.

I will be working *very closely* with this individual to make
sure that there is a operational station with a functional interface
and properly configured laptop installed with the best possible software
and conduct several hours of training to ensure that there will be no
"I can't get this to work" problems.

Since Kimo is organizing the *whole* operation I suggest that you either
contact me if you feel the need or trust us to provide a functional RTTY

Kimo doesn't need help remembering to include RTTY ;-)

73 es Aloha,


PS Do to my heavy work commitments during the fall semester at UH I
am unable to join the group on this trip. Otherwise I'd be the one
volunteering for this task. 

FireBrick wrote:
> kh7u at arrl.net is the email of Kimo who is organizing the upcoming Kure
> dxpedition.
> I've sent him an email urging him to include rtty during the operation.
> Feel free to contact Kimo if you need Kure on rtty also.
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