Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 19 23:32:28 EDT 2003

On 19 Aug 2003 Shelby Summerville wrote:

>  "Barry " <w2up at mindspring.com> wrote: "I have earned a 1x2 callsign. I do
> not wish to add 2 more characters to my callsign just for a contest."
> Then please explain, from September 2003 CQ.
>  Results 2002 CQWW DX Contest:
> Assisted, All Band: W2UP/3
> C'Ya, Shelby

Very simple, Shelby. CQ lists results geographically. In 2001, the 
log checkers listed me in 2-land, in error. They didn't look at my 
address.  When this was pointed out to them, they requested JUST FOR 
SCORE REPORTING PURPOSES, list the /3 in the log. I didn't sign /3 
during the contest.
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